About Chiropractic Care

Subluxations are commonly caused by stress form poor posture, poor sleeping habits, slips and falls, vehicular accidents, sports impacts, strenuous exercise, work injuries, childhood falls, medication and substance abuse, and even the birth process.

Chiropractic treatments called spinal adjustments are comfortable, safe, and highly effective. People of all ages, including infants and the elderly, can receive chiropractic care to get healthy and stay healthy.

Years of education, training, and experience enable your chiropractor to determine if chiropractic care can benefit you and/or members of your family. Chiropractors are highly educated, caring professionals sensitive to your natural health care needs.

Chiropractic is the fastest growing natural health care profession in the world. Doctors of Chiropractic (DC’s ), specialize in finding, locating, and removing a common condition known as Vertebral Subluxation.

A Vertebral Subluxation is a condition in which one or more of the twenty-four moveable bones of the spinal column is misaligned and interferes with the delicate nerves that exit between the spinal bones. This causes irritation to the nerve and impairs the ability to transmit and receive vital nerve messages from various parts of the body.

Adjustments are key

Many people don’t realize chiropractic care has an excellent record of success in helping not only neck and back pain, but in conditions such as headaches, allergies, asthma, digestive disorders, and many other organic conditions, as well. Maintaining a healthy, well-aligned spine and normally functioning nervous system, is perhaps the most overlooked key to worldwide health.

Remarks about the office

Dr. Doug Roche is a phenomenal chiropractor! His decorous personality keeps you feeling calm while he puts a soothing adjustment on your spine. Dr. Roche is very knowledgeable and skillful in his craft and will complete eradicate any pains and problems.

-John K. from Yelp

Dr. Doug has been our families best weekly habit over the last six years...He has helped us stay healthy and be our best time and time again..because of you, we are better!

-Carol T. from Facebook

Dr Doug Roche is fantastic. He's pretty much kept me in one piece for the last 8 years. Convenient location just off the fwy in Mira Mesa, and always able to work me into their schedule. Highly recommend!

-Rod F. from Yelp

Dr Doug is our family chiropractor.i got to know him from The gym and became a patient at his practice .He is pretty great and very knowledgable.office is really Clean and nice .The time management is pretty great and I never waited more than 2-3 minutes .
Strongly recommend him.

_Mariam Y. from Yelp