Cold Laser Therapy

Low level light therapy (LLLT) or laser phototherapy is an emerging therapy that has been shown to significantly accelerate and enhance the body’s natural defense and regenerative abilities when injured.

Research has shown that laser phototherapy helps: traumatic brain injury (Oron, 2007) (Carnavelli, 2003) (Wang, 1999) (Shen, 2008), wound and scar healing (Hawkins, 2006), carpal tunnel syndrome (Weintraub, 1997) (Rappl, 2003), prevents nerve death (Naeser, 2011),acne (Simunovic, 2000), plantar fasciitis (Hronkove, 2001) back pain, neck pain, post-operative pain and many more conditions.

There are no negative side effects and the therapy is completely painless.

How does it work? For your body to repair itself it needs energy. If tissues in your body are damaged, traumatized or diseased the body can’t produce enough energy and healing slows or stops. Laser phototherapy gives energy to photosensitive organelles in your cells (mitochondria) allowing them to stimulate cellular processes that produce energy (ATP) and allow your body to heal.

Treatment times vary from 1 minute to several minutes depending on the tissues (muscles, tendons, skin, brain, nerves) that are affected.